A vote for mobile broadband or a fixed fibre broadband

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

There are probably three known ways one can connect to the internet: By a fixed line (Fibre optic) connected to your business or home, A dedicated mobile broadband (Sim) used with a router or a MiFi device, from the name ‘mobile’ you can take this with you anywhere you go. The third and less common at least in this part of the world is Satellite beamed broadband. The focus here is on mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband works by connecting to a mobile network with a SIM card. It is the internet you connect to when you are out at home or business with a 4G or the faster and more reliable 5G router or MiFi.

You can connect to mobile broadband by using a dongle, in-car Wi-Fi device or portable Wi-Fi hotspot, a SIM card in a tablet or laptop, or by tethering from your mobile phone.

Fixed line broadband, on the other hand, is what we usually mean when we use the word 'broadband' - an internet connection in your home, delivered via your phone line or through the provider's network of cables. You'll get it as either standard ADSL or superfast fibre optic. It connects to a router, which you can then connect to all your devices through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Advantages of a Mobile Broadband

1. You are not restricted to working at home or at your business location as you can pick up a 4G signal in most locations and now 5G speed in many more places than we can imagine.

2. It allows you to work much more flexibly as you would no longer be restricted to working in areas with WIFI hotspot connections.

3. Mobile broadband is more secure than a WIFI connection as all data is encrypted.

4. It's a great way of getting broadband (higher download speeds, or a more reliable connection) in areas where fibre optic lines are yet to reach, especially in rural areas. These days 4G speeds can be higher than those of the local fixed broadband.

Less than a year ago, fixed broadband would be the best option for most of us. You can generally get a good deal, speed reliability with no data usage cap. Gamers delight, HD video streaming, Netflix lovers, and it enables multiple device connections.

However, one would not be surprised at the speed mobile broadband evolved from 1G now at its 5th generation, 6G & 7G loading.

More people are switching to 4G/5G mobile broadband solutions, those with unlimited data plans are perfect for home or business internet needs and can be connected to well over 10 devices simultaneously.

We have come or getting to the point in time that, only businesses with 20 plus employees would be in need of fixed or fibre broadband services, SMEs, professionals, consultants etc would rather opt for a 5G mobile broadband sim to be used with a router or a MiFi device.

With mobile broadband, one can go to anywhere, everywhere and still stay connected. More so, that prices have drastically fallen to affordable by most small business executives and professional consultants alike.

Mobile broadband is fast becoming an alternative to fixed broadband due to its flexibility and reliability, coupled with the fact that most mobile broadband often have an unrestricted data usage in Europe.

This means that Euro business trotters won’t need to splash out on broadband in European countries. Well let’s wait and see what happens come January 2021.

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