My affair with Uber Drivers

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

There is no doubt that the pandemic lockdown has impacted harshly on many businesses. Closures, reduced sales, redundancies, cancelled services are all words that have become synonymous with the year 2020. A few businesses have been swept under the carpet and many barely survive and kept going, thanks to the furlough aid scheme introduced by the government, that helped to cushion the adverses of the financial impact on businesses and families alike.

However, we have all witnessed an unprecedented surge in the goods and service delivery sector, with many new driver signing up with the likes of Ubereats, Deliveroo, Amazon delivery partners and many more food delivery and logistics companies. These has been welcomed as a saving grace for many families, especially those who are on a self employed, daily income, 'You work-You get paid' type of a job.

Ordinarily, the lockdown would have been felt more by these group of workforce, thanks to the proactive intervention of sign-up teams of most food delivery service providers, notably Ubereats. As much as the sign-up application process is predictable, Ubereats and Deliveroo were at a point and still is, innundated with applications that made the sign-up delivery, to the point of a drivers first job take as long as four weeks and at times in the extreme three months.

Three months is a long wait for someone who is willing and have met all requirements to start work. Under normal circumstances, sign-up would have followed a straight forward step of: Document presentation - Acceptance - Verification - Background check - Approval (onboarding), this would have taken on the average seven days to complete.

Considering that all drivers have to sort out their own insurance, mode of transportation, car or motorcycle and most importantly an internet enabled smartphone. With all these requirements in place, most delivery drivers would agree that it is a good source of income, most actually targets a £150 daily income which according to an undisclosed source is achievable.

IVYMOBILE UK has played it’s part in ensuring that drivers are provided with high speed unlimited data Sim plans from a network of choice to drivers without any terms of longevity, at competitive pricing and paid for monthly. 'This incentives has endeared many PHV and delivery service drivers to having a healthy, trusted and mutual relationship with us'.

IVYMOBILE UK provide unlimited data, minutes and texts Sim only plans on Vodafone, EE and O2 networks to jump start partner drivers navigation. IVYMOBILE has established itself within the drivers community as a friendly telecommunications service provider through driver referrals and are dexterous to remain a loyal partner to the logistics community through best prices and quality of service.

“I am happy to have personally served many Uber, Ubereats and Deliveroo partner drivers this year. This was made possible through listening and understanding all peculiar driver situations, we had few occasions where drivers needed to get going on the job immediately, we still enable them with an unlimited data Sim”. Gregory Samuel, COO.

Delivery drivers, (Uber, Ubereats, Deliveroo, Justeats) would normally get a free month of unlimited data sim card when they choose to be our customer.

Visit IVYMOBILE here: or call 08002751975, Whatsapp: 07956777886

Our prices:

O2 network sim £25.

Vodafone network sim £30.

EE network sim£30.

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